Top 5 Must Haves at L’Dorado

L’ Dorado is a member of the rapidly expanding food truck culture in the city. L’ Dorado which means Golden in Spanish stands true to its name. Rashi Majithia & Prateek Shetty have given Pune city another reason to smile. They are a power packed duo giving the usual dishes a very flavorful twist!



Location:  Near Banana Leaf, Aundh – Baner Link Road.




  • Chicken Wings 

pic 1cpic 1 a



Without a doubt, L Dorado serves the meatiest chicken wings in the city. They have on board the ‘Barbeque’ , ‘Teriyaki’ and ‘Chili Garlic’ Chicken Wings which are all equally succulent. The teriyaki as well as the house special barbeque sauce is prepared in house by the duo and the flavor is astonishingly unique and piquant.



  • Fries


pic 2


With an already impressive range of fries on board, the Prawn Fries only elevates the street food standard, serving  Mangalorean Style Prawns topped on fries. The taste is a mix of hot, peppery and tangy.  The Fiery Fries are hot, cheesy and gooey enough to melt your heart before they melt on your tongue. Definitely recommended for anyone on the lookout for some new options!


  1. Batter Fried Sausages

pic 3


I am a sucker for sausages and can devour it in any form. The chicken sausages are batter fried, rolled in ground spices and finished with some honey mustard. A lip smacking trio of ingredients and my favorite on their new menu! 


  1. Ghee Roast 

pic 4

The dish is ‘to-die-for’, its nothing like the burger you have ever tasted.! The marinated chicken is absolutely flawless. The burger is slightly on the spicier side. Try it with the sweet bun for the perfect crunch. 


  1. Crunchy Bunchy

pic 5

A must have for vegetarians. The ‘No Cutlet’ Burger. Stuffed with crunchy vegetables and fries – the crunchy bunchy has completely changed the burger scenes for vegetarians. 

Written by Aliya Nada Saifi  @ Lobster Pasta Lady

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