Workshop on Sustainable Home Cooking

The Japanese call it Mottainai  – a sense of guilt that follows wastage. At 212 All Day, we are celebrating and showcasing the spirit of mottainai with our very first workshop in Pune on sustainable home cooking – ‘Trash Cooking Class with Arina Suchde’. 

A Chef and Mixologist, Arina specializes in healthy culinary art and will be showcasing how to use the ingredients that are commonly perceived as waste. Simple, quick recipes including corn silk tea, carrot skin pesto, broccoli stem carpaccio, tepache – the Mexican party favourite mocktail made using pineapple rind & peel – and much more.
*For Registrations Call* +91 20 66890689

*Date of the workshop:* 9th July 2017, Sunday

*Venue:* 212 All Day, Phoenix Marketcity, Viman Nagar 

*Time:* 4 pm to 6 pm

*Workshop Priced At*: Rs. 1,000/- All Inclusive, followed by refreshments

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