The Maroon Manor

The Maroon Manor, an ultra luxury interior decor store in Mumbai started by Ms. Mona Dejgani and Jyoti Roy Chowdhury. The soiree launch saw celebrity guests like Mr Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Anjana Sukhani, Mr Gautam Singhnia and Ms Arshiya Fakih Eappen. The Maroon Manor, a new luxury destination in Mumbai offering the first ever international experience in design and decor presentation. Walking into the space gives you a feel of being enveloped in layers of opulence. This master piece of design has been spectacularly created by Mona Dejgani and Jyoti Roy Chowdhury. The evening witnessed some of the most prestigious names from architects, film personalities and corporate bigwigs. Sumesh Menon, Famous for his architecture of many of India’s best restaurants compared The Maroon Manor with any of the international stores from Milan,London or Paris. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh admired the baccarat pieces available at the Maroon Manor. Gautam Singhania made an early entrance and spent a significant amount of time admiring the intricate detail and attention given to each creation at the store. Arshiya Fakih Eappen, Pammela and Timmy grover, Anjana Sukhani, Priya and Kayur Patel of SCG, Ruchika Khothari, Architect Kaif Faquih and Hector from the brand Dedar were amongst a few of the prominent personalities who came to congratulate these two enterprising and dynamic woman.

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