Globe in the Glass Roadshow

Pune, 15th November 2017:

The 2nd edition of Sula Selections ‘Globe in a Glass’ roadshow 2017 turned out to be a glitzy eventwhere wine and spirits brands from around the world took centre-stage at Marriott Suites in Pune. In an even grander format this year, the wine and spirit show also saw a debut of 8 new brands into India introduced by Sula Selections!

The entire range under the Sula umbrella was up for tasting at the show – wines and spirits from Sula’s import arm – Sula Selections, the complete premium & elite range of Sula Vineyards’ wines and Sula’s premium homegrown brandy – Janus, J and also Eclipse whisky from its subsidiary Artisan Spirits.

From Dindori to Tuscany, Chianti to Mendoza, Cognac to Barbados – all was served under one roof!

Speaking about the event, Cecilia Oldne, VP Marketing & Global Brand Ambassador, Sula said, “I love Pune and am overwhelmed with the fantastic response we received from this city. Sula is today a one stop shop for world class wines, beers and spirits from across the globe and this event helped us spread the word further. Our winemakers, master blenders, brand owners and other representatives really enjoyed interacting with the curious and enthusiastic Punekars.”

At the day-long event, guests had the opportunity to sample wines, vodka, whisky, liqueur, tequila, cognac, brandy, beer and more – and also meet the people behind the brands. The brands included world renowned wines & spirits which Sula Selections imports, like new world wines- Trapiche (Argentina), Hardys (Australia), Mud House (New Zealand), Kumala (South Africa) and Cono Sur (Chile). The old world wines comprising of Bouchard Aîné & Fils (France), Le Grand Noir (France), Castillo De Monseran (Spain), Bolla and Conti Serristori from the house of Gruppo Italiano Vini (Italy), Cap Royal from Compagnie Médocaine des Grands Crus (Bordeaux, France). The beer range was led by Japan’s no.1 and international favourite- Asahi. Sula’s partner Rémy Cointreau, the French leading alcohol beverage company showcased Rémy Martin Cognac Fine Champagne (France), Cointreau – Orange Liqueur (France) and Mount Gay Rum (Barbados). Antica Sambuca and Volare from the house of Rossi d’Asiago (Italy) was another hit at the show. This year Vodka lovers also had something extraordinary to enjoy – one of the world’s most premium vodkas – Beluga from Russia made its debut with Sula Selections at the roadshow! The event partnered with prestigious brands like Lucaris glassware, Heaven on Earth Wellness, Brookside Chocolate by Hershey’s and Fortune Gourmet cheese.

Sula Vineyards’ award winning wines including the new vintage of the Sula Riesling, Rasa Shiraz and the all-time favourite Brut Tropicale were up for tasting too. Sula’s Head Winemaker Karan Vasani with his team of winemakers gave consumersunique insights into the Sula range. Spirit brands from Sula’s subsidiary – Artisan Spirits were showcased too wherein guests tasted Janus, India’s first grape based brandy, learnt different methods of concocting cocktails with J and tried the recently launched whisky Eclipse – exclusively with Yogesh Mathur – the master blender himself!

That’s not all. Sula gave guests a unique opportunity to meet winemakers, master blenders, brand ambassadors, producers and other industry stalwarts all under one roof! Distinguished names from the industry includedSula’s CEO and Founder Rajeev Samant, COO Nick Pringle and Cecilia Oldne, Olivier Medigueof Bouchard Aîné & Fils, Georges Haushalter of Compagnie Médocaine des Grands Crus, Maurizio Bertacchiniof Gruppo Italiano Vini, Ann-Marie Battista of Accolade Wines, Robert Joseph of R Wines (Le Grand Noir), Prarrthona Pal Chowdhury of Rémy Cointreau and Maxime Pulci of LOUIS XIII Cognac Grande Champagne, Bruno Vanzan of Rossi d’Asiago, Matias Amstutz of Trapiche, Nikolay Agapov & Stanislav Panfilov of Beluga. Guest attending included distinguished personalities such as Jaswinder Narang, Sagar Chordia, Govind Thakker, Dario , Subhash Sinha amongst others.

Guests were also seen attending master-classes on wine and spirits. The show was a great mix of good wines, beers, spirits, food, music and people!

The roadshow now continues to Mumbai for the ‘Grand Finale’ on Wednesday 15th November at Sofitel Hotel, BKC.


Rajeev Suresh Samant, Founder & CEO, Sula Vineyards

Nick Pringle, COO, Sula (Sula Vineyards, Sula Selections, Artisan Spirits)

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